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Ready meals and soups

Our ready meals mean new recipes, innovative tasteful combinations and special brand-dedicated jars. The carefully selected Polish ingredients guarantee exceptional flavours, while the unique packaging and friendly design of the labels additionally highlight the modern nature of our products.

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Ready meals Convenience

A SIMPLY PERFECT MEAL! This balanced and complete meal combines convenience and quick preparation time with the real taste of quality food. The product features a unique composition of ingredients, free from monosodium glutamate and preservatives, and takes only 3 minutes to heat up in a microwave. The convenient package – a plastic bowl that is both comfortable and safe to use – is another unquestionable advantage. You can eat the meal directly from the package.

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Preserved meat

Our wide range of products covers traditional preserved meat in cans with innovative caps and new flavours of preserves in aluminium cans. The special design and aesthetic look of our packaging ensure the products stand out on shelves. Every piece of packaging provides inspiring ideas for original sandwiches.

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New and improved formula guarantees unique, home-made flavour of our pâtés. Carefully selected ingredients add to the deep and distinctive aroma. This product segment features a wide range of both traditional and flavoured pâtés.

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Processed vegetables

Processed vegetables are offered under the umbrella brand name of Pamapol and Kwidzyń logo – brand established in 1934. Our products stand out from our competitors while the attractive graphical design of the packaging highlights the freshness and new quality of our uniform vegetables, mixes and salads.

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We are a development-oriented Company.

We believe in a traditional approach to quality and modern solutions.

We know that in order to satisfy our clients’ needs we have to stay a step ahead vs. competition.

We improve our technology, offering the best products in a more efficient way.

Our products reflect the needs of our customers, providing smart inspirations for each day.

We taste the best!

Good flavour means a valuable meal, which is why our products taste the best.

We pick and serve the best products from Polish cuisine – vegetables, herbs and seasonings.

Traditional recipes enclosed in modern packaging for you to enjoy their rich and distinctive taste.

We know the tastes that everybody longs for, so our products have unique, home-made flavours.


Positively every day – eat, taste and enjoy yourself with us.

A meal does not only mean eating – it is a celebration of the moment and of being together – we want them to be special for you.

We pamper your senses with aromas, consistency and colours – from the packaging through to the content.

We provide inspiration to celebrate meals as special, distinctive moments in the everyday rush.


Our products contain Polish and fully natural ingredients. Vegetables, fresh herbs and spices come only from Polish farms.

All ingredients originate from the best, proven sources that meet the stringent growing and breeding criteria.

Taste and natural components are our priorities. We avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives.

We love the environment. We are constantly improving our processes to care about the environment as much as possible.

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